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Please go to Robert Haag Meteorites.

There you will find meteorites and meteorite products for sale, also photos of meteorites from the personal collection of Robert Haag - master collector of space gems on this planet.

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Visitors From Deep Space.

You can easily be the owner of a genuine piece of a comet, asteroid, faraway planet, or an exploding star. The cosmos is home to all manner of extraterrestrial debris, traveling great distances through space at incredible speeds, sometimes for billions of years. Craters on the moon, Mars and other planets bear witness to eons of bombardment from meteors. Earth, with it's protective atmosphere, shields us from most of the cosmic rain. Still, tons of stone-sized meteors fall on Earth every day, mostly into the oceans.

Rarer than diamonds, these gemstones from space are a special treat for the serious or casual collector. Though they are classified into various families, each "fall" is unique in composition, appearance and background.

The best source on Earth for meteorites is Robert Haag, an old friend, colleague and neighbor. He is commonly known as "The Meteorite Man" and is the #1 meteorite hunter and dealer in the world. You can buy meteorites directly from Haag at his web site. He is rarely home to do business, for he is either traveling to obscure corners of the Earth to buy meteorites, at a gem show in the world's major cities, or on frequent vacations to his beach house in Mexico.

Since Novaspace Galleries and Robert Haag are well known Tucson establishments, many of our customers have asked us if we know Mr. Haag, and why they can never reach him. He's just out doing what he does best, obtaining the finest specimens of space crystal that cross Earth's path.. Many meteorite dealers get their products from Haag. With the recent discovery of Martian microfossils in an Antarctic SNC meteorite, the interest in meteorites has exploded, but the selection is still finite.

We are the world's largest source for art by Artist/Astronaut Alan Bean
We are the world's largest source for art by Artist/Astronaut Alan Bean

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