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A reception - banquet for our celebrity guests will be held at 6:00 Saturday evening, in the hotel's Arizona Ballroom. Attendance is limited to 420. At least one astronaut or celebrity will be seated at each table. From 6:00-7:00 The reception will be held in the ample space surrounding the ballroom (indoors) with 2 cash bars. Dinner service begins at 7:00PM in the ballroom.

Dress code:High Casual

BANQUET SOLD OUT-call 800-727-6682 to get on the waiting list for cancellations


All dinner entrees come with:

SALAD: Mariott's Mixed Greens Garden Salad, with cherry tomatoes, red onion, cucumbers, shredded carrots and croutons. Your choice of ranch or raspberry-walnut dressing. Dinner rolls and butter. DESSERT: Slice of mocha swirl cheesecake with Butterfinger topping.
DRINKS: Coffee, Decaf, Herbal or Iced tea, Bottled water and assorted sodas.

9 oz. grilled breast w/ Sonoran tomatillo cream sauce, baked Spanish rice, flame-roasted corn & red peppers

Pan-seared, peppered 8 oz. filet w/red wine demi sauce, wild mushroom ragout w/roasted squash,
Artichoke mashed potatoes
ENTREE C-vegetarian

Penne pasta tossed with olive oil, fresh garlic,spinach, broccoli florettes, sun dried tomatoes, w/parmesan and basil.

2 CASH BARS-cordials, cocktails, beer, wine, soft drinks


Jerry Doyle

Many folks remember Jerry Doyle as the troubled Mars-born security chief, Michael Garibaldi aboard TVs Babylon 5. Although now a science fiction icon, in addition to his varied acting gigs, he is also a nationally syndicated radio talk show host.

His conservative-libertarian views include a strong stance on the importance of the American space program, the benefits to national prestige, as well as basic research and development, crucial to remaining a viable nation, respected worldwide, especially among the developing nations. In this heated political arena and upcoming election, Jerry will discuss the candidates often unspoken but important views on science and space. In the company of many of the men who walked on the moon so long ago that some dont think it was even possible, he will explain the political consequences of the lack of a popular national goal and the seeming paralysis of todays government, and how the answer lies in the grass roots of the American electorate.