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Spacefest 2007 is now one for the books. Universally positive comments applauding our first effort are pouring in . We couldn't have pulled this off without the assistance of the NOVASPACE staff and dozens of volunteers.

Even the guest astronauts, test pilots, speakers, artists and vendors were overwhelmingly ecstatic, wanting to know when we'll do it again. We guarantee an even better experience at Spacefest II, as we now know what to expect, questions to ask, and what to watch out for.

Friday was the busiest day, Saturday was the busiest for talks, and Sunday was the busiest for the art show. The vendors were happy, and the banquet room was at full capacity.

"Innovations" such as nametags, astronaut identification and a program book were appreciated, and made the guests and attendees both wondering why this hadn't been done before.

"one of the greatest weekends I've ever had" Bill C.-- Illinois
"I would like to thank all of you for a fantastically organized show" John S.-- BRAZIL
"Spacefest was absolutely, positively fantastic! I enjoyed every minute. Encore!..." Gilbert H.-- Georgia
"Like many others, I hope you run the event again next year!" Paul C.-- BRITAIN
"I think you set a new bar for space collecting" Robert R.-- New York
"I had the time of my life " David C.-- Illinois

Photos (thanks everyone!) & Video

slideshow with MORE photos by various attendees posted to
Spacefest overview and astronauts video on You Tube
Spacefest overview "Ken Burns" video on You Tube
Spacefest speakers video on You Tube
Spacefest banquet video on You Tube
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