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A single mouse click and they're on your hard drive

If you would like to use our thumbnail or catalog space art images to decorate or illustrate your web page or site, permission is granted as long as you:
  • Please don't manipulate the images. That is: crop, re-size, re-save, add or subtract anything. We have made the images' file size as small as possible in order to still look good. If you save them again you will be Jpeg-ging a jpeg, and that will make them look terrible, reflecting badly upon the artist. See below for instructions on how to avoid this step. We have also put the copyright symbol and artist's name on the larger images, and that must be left intact.

  • Credit Novaspace Galleries as the source, and link back to us.
    painting courtesy Novaspace Galleries
    You can copy this HTML code to use on your page with our image:

    This will keep bounty hunters at bay.
    We pay for tips on illegal usage.

  • Let us know. We like to keep track of these things.

© Other usage ©

If you wish to use the images for anything else, please ask us. There are varying fees which also vary by artist for any usage of personal or product promotion, or illustration (excluding website usage as stated above.) Our artists create for a living, and deserve compensation for their skills and expertise for any promotional or illustrative usage of their work. We or they can provide high-resolution images for that kind of usage. Artists are people, too! Allow them to keep doing their craft.

Our web images are JPEG-ged (compressed),and at low resolution, and as such are unsuitable for reproduction outside the WWW.
For more information, see: ClariNet's 10 most common copyright myths explained

To save an image intact to your computer:

  • PC Users: Place your cursor over the image and click the right mouse button. Save the image to wherever you want.
  • Mac users: Place cursor over image. Click and hold mouse button. Save the image to wherever you want.

Either save the image directly to the proper directory or folder when you mouse-click it, or drag and drop the file icon into the directory you will be calling the image from. DO NOT open the image and then save it to the folder or directory, this will recompress a compressed image, resulting in an ugly picture.If your website is done by someone else, just give them the URL where they can find it and let them do it, but make sure they follow the rules.


We are the world's largest source for art by Artist/Astronaut Alan Bean
We are the world's largest source for art by Artist/Astronaut Alan Bean

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