Your News for September 2019!

Thank You, Spacefesters!


Frank Borman is coming back to Tucson for a mail-in signing in mid-October! We are still preparing the order forms and information, so please check our Signings webpage in a few days for details. Deadline for receiving all orders and items at Novaspace is Monday, September 30, 2019.

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This colorful, embroidered Spacefest patch is designed by artist Abby Garrett, based on our official Spacefest theme art for 2019, that was also created by Abby. You can now collect all ten patches from all of our Spacefests!

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The art for Spacefest X is a tribute to the 10 year milestone of Spacefest, Kim Poor and his family, and also the 50th Anniversary of Apollo. There are 10 stars, one for each year. The cluster of 4 stars in the left corner represent the Poor family, the largest star in silver in honor of Kim, the creator of Spacefest. The astronaut, footprint, and lunar landscape are a tribute to Apollo. The cacti might seem odd to some, but it's a continuation of Kim Poor's Leaving Town painting, in which cacti were launching to an unknown destination from Tucson. In this patch, the same 3 cacti are landing on the moon, symbolically coming full circle. Part of the Earth is reflected in the astronaut's visor for two reasons.

First, as a nod to the accomplishments of the US Space Program. Second, it's meant as a reminder of our connectedness on this Pale Blue Dot and that each of us has the power to impact the planet--our home--and strive to make real our image of a better world. The little red star on the reflection of Earth in the astronaut's visor marks Tucson, where the Spacefest vision began and where so many of us made friends that are now like family. My hope is that every Spacefest attendee can find something to relate to and celebrate in this patch.

-Abby Garrett


This year, The National Ataxia Foundation took notice of all the work we do for them, and they joined us at Spacefest X! With a Silent Auction next to their booth, combined with a few higher ticket items auctioned off at our Saturday night banquet, we raised over $20,000 for the charity that is close to our hearts!

Ataxia prematurely stole the life of Spacefest Founder Kim Poor in 2017. To help raise needed funds and bring awareness to Ataxia, Spacefest X was happy to partner with The National Ataxia Foundation.

Funds raised through this year's Silent Auction and Live Auction benefited the National Ataxia Foundation.

In addition, anyone can make a donation directly to NAF by texting KIM19 to 71777.


Here are some memories from Spacefest X!

IAAA president, Jon Ramer (far left), said it was the biggest gathering of IAAA members ever - since the formation of the group in 1982!

Our special Apollo panel was a hit! Francis French moderated and helped with a fresh panel design, and some new ideas for discussion.

From left to right: Francis French, Charlie Duke, Walt Cunningham, Al Worden, Dee O'Hara, Fred Haise, and Jack Lousma.

Such an incredible performance from astronaut band Max Q after our Saturday night banquet. They had their audience captivated!

The band from left to right: George Pinky Nelson, James Wetherbee, Brewster Shaw, Hoot Gibson, and Steven Hawley.

Along with some successful Sip 'n' Paint classes, where you got to unleash your inner space artist; an impromptu birthday cake surprise for Dee O'Hara; a pre-movie panel discussion starring moderator Mark Pestana, actor Gary Lockwood, and astronauts Nicole Stott, Ed Gibson, and Mario Runco, before an outside screening of 2001: A Space Odyssey brought by The Loft Cinemas; and much, much MORE.

Stay tuned for more pictures!


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